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2020 is finally over. We made it through a very challenging year to say the least! EAA National is moving forward with Oshkosh 2021 plans and we hope that there will be plenty of opportunities to safely meet on a monthly basis for the VMC here in Compton.

George Hanniff and I will continue to lead the discussions and schedule the monthly gathering on the 1st Thursday of each month. We will publish the schedule in the Chapter 96 monthly newsletter as well as post it on the Chapter bulletin board inside the hanger at Compton. We want to encourage attendance and do not hesitate to invite your friends to our meeting. Our gatherings will follow the latest safe meeting protocols. We will continue to meet at 7:00pm and we will conclude at 8:00pm. The objective of the gatherings will be to discuss the months topic and provide open discussion of flight activities and experiences related to the topic. If time allots, discussion of other piloting activities and inquiries will enhance our meetings.

If anyone has any suggestions for a topic, please notify either George or myself via e-mail so that we can include the discussion in a future meeting.

In addition to the monthly gatherings, we will announce fly outs of our participants and additional flight activities that will be open to our group to participate. For those people who do not have an airplane or are looking for flight experience, there will be opportunities to join with members of our group to be included.

VMC Monthly Schedule:

Nov 04 2021 Topic: Powerless or over powered

For more information, you may contact the VMC coordinators, Richard Schleicher at 310-936-5055 or George Hanniff at (310) 528-3900 or send an e-mail to chapter96VMC@gmail.com .