VMC Club

EAA 96 VMC Club

The EAA Chapter 96 VMC club has been offering an excellent opportunity for pilots who want to share experiences and learn from others in various flight situations. The VMC club opportunities are open to all pilots who want to improve their proficiency, gain local knowledge about air space, TFR information, and participate in topics that are relative to current flying conditions in our area. This resource is supported through EAA’s VMC Club. We will use real-world scenarios that our group members suggest and contribute from their experiences as well as EAA National resources. We open each meeting with the monthly published topic with photos or a quick 5 – 10 minute video supplied by EAA national for the purpose of open discussion on the video subject matter.

The meetings are on the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00pm in the Chapter 96 Conference room at the hanger and we restrict the length of the meetings to 1 hour. These meetings are free and we encourage participants to bring other interested pilots or friends. A schedule of these meetings is posted on the chapter web site and will be posted on the hanger bulletin board. For more information, you may contact the VMC coordinators, Richard Schleicher at 310-936-5055 or Keith Spreuer at 310-649-5289 or send an e-mail to chapter96VMC@actsworld.com.


VMC Club Meeting Schedule

February 06, 2020 Topic: Cross wind Fly/no fly Discussion(Draco)

March 05, 2020 Topic: Port Landing Situation

April 02, 2020 Topic: Grassy Guess – Soft Field operations


2020 ADSB Compliance options Webinar: http://pages.eaa.org/WBN2019-10-09ADS-BUpdateEquippingfor2020andReviewingtheLatestPortableReceivers_LP-Registration.html


Question for the month: Each month in the notice sent out for the meeting, we will include a question to be considered and discussed in addition to our video.